Corsica Elopement

Bella & Ben

Corsica Elopement

Bella & Ben

Man, I can’t tell you enough how much I loved this Corsica elopement photo shoot! In other words, everything was exactly how I like it, everything was just perfect: our wonderful Bella & Ben (just real and fun married couple, with no modeling experience except for our first shooting day in Corsica) did such a great job, it was so easy to photograph their love and feelings to each other. Most importantly, they were open and did not care much about a camera pointed in their direction.

The weather and the location were great as well. Thanks to Aida & Tim for their huge effort in scouting and preparing so many things for our joint photography workshop. Moreover, have a look at their website, they are really awesome!

Sant’ Antonino,

Corsica, France

Corsica Elopement

This time our adventure took us to Sant’ Antonino. It is an old and beautiful town with many lovely corners and narrow streets. Simply perfect for our Corsica elopement. So, we started right outside it to show the fantastic surroundings of this place. In addition, later on we went directly in to Sant’ Antonino, to capture its’ flare and uniqueness. After that we drove to the mountains to take some more pictures with this spectacular landscape. 

Days like this motivate and inspire me a lot. Above all, in my job I value a privilege to witness and tell the story of somebody’s love.  Even though this Corsica elopement was part of our photography workshop, Bella & Ben’s love is real and true. To sum up, I am happy I was able to meet many wonderful people and I am really looking forward to come back to Corsica.

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Make sure to check out the First Part of the Corsica photo shoot. 

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