Couple Shooting

Couple Shooting

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Hey, my name is Oleg and I am a couple photographer from Pforzheim. I truly love to photograph people madly in love!

I am blessed to be where I am today. As a couple photographer I have a wonderful family and the coolest job in the world – I get to tell stories of your love and passion! This is a huge privilege and I appreciate it. I love to photograph non-traditional weddings and couples where people do not care much about perfection, but more about meaningful, caring and joyful atmosphere.

What we are about to do together is personal, moreover, those beautiful moments of your relationship are as personal as it gets. Therefore, I will do everything to make sure you are feeling comfortable in front of my camera. This is the way I would like to tell your story.

Your love deserves to be captured. This beautiful moments deserve the best places at your  living space.

Couple Shooting Infos

0.1 Satisfaction guarantee

I will do everything in power to make your couple shooting photos look amazing, however if you will have any doubts, there is no pressure for you to purchase any of my packages after the shooting

0.2 The Costs

There is a session fee of 150€ that covers my time to prepare and make your shooting. When you will receive your images, you will have a chance to purchase one of my packages that start at 200€.

0.3 I believe in print products

Your love deserve a beautiful place in your living space, therefore I include print Credit in every of my packages. You can easily use it in my online store.

0.4 Prep Guide

After you book a couple shooting I will send  you detailed guide that I’ve put together that goes through all my best recommendations for how to prepare for the session. This Guide will help you to answer the biggest question: what to wear?!

Couple Shooting Pforzheim

Couple shooting photos

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Couple shooting Pforzheim | Oleg Tru
Couple shooting Pforzheim | Oleg Tru
Couple shooting Pforzheim | Oleg Tru
Couple shooting Pforzheim | Oleg Tru
Couple shooting Pforzheim | Oleg Tru
Couple shooting Pforzheim | Oleg Tru
Couple shooting Pforzheim | Oleg Tru
Couple shooting Pforzheim | Oleg Tru
Couple shooting Pforzheim | Oleg Tru
Couple shooting Pforzheim | Oleg Tru
Couple shooting Pforzheim | Oleg Tru
Couple shooting Pforzheim | Oleg Tru

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    When I was getting my engineering degree (yes, I studied for almost 6 years in a tech university, however never worked as an engineer ever after, but this is a different story) I met Lisa and we became very good friends through all the study time. My passion for photography started back in those days and Lisa always told me that I should photograph her wedding when she will have one. Sure! But, you know how the life is, we moved to different countries and did not have many opportunities to meet.

    Meanwhile, I got a text from her boyfriend Andrew and imagine my surprise when he asked me if I were willing to make a Sardinia (Italy) engagement shoot for them! Certainly I am! We have fixed the date and I went to Cagliari. 

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    Lera & Jura wanted to do something special after their official wedding at home,.. something, that they would remember for the rest of their lives. And I am very grateful they asked me to tell their story with my camera. It is a beautiful, intimate and a fun one. Join us through the 4 Parts of our journey!

    After Wedding Shooting In Pforzheim, Schwarzwald – Julia & Manu

    There is no limit to what is possible in wedding photography, only our imagination. There is no standard or template that we have to follow. We can do anything, literally anything we want: we can travel across the world to a once-in-a-lifetime location or we can choose a nearby forest. This is all up to us, this is all up to you.