Family Shooting

Family Shooting

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Family Photo Session

Hey, my name is Oleg and I am a family photographer from Pforzheim. I truly love to photograph people madly in love!

I am blessed to be where I am today. As a couple photographer I have a wonderful family and the coolest job in the world – I get to tell stories of your love and passion! This is a huge privilege and I appreciate it. I love to photograph non-traditional families and couples where people do not care much about perfection, but more about meaningful, caring and joyful atmosphere.

What we are about to do together is personal, moreover, those beautiful moments of your relationship are as personal as it gets. Therefore, I will do everything to make sure you are feeling comfortable in front of my camera. This is the way I would like to tell your story.

Your love deserves to be captured. This beautiful moments deserve the best places at your  living space.

Family Shooting Infos

0.1 Satisfaction guarantee

I will do everything in power to make your family shooting photos look amazing, however if you will have any doubts, there is no pressure for you to purchase any of my packages after the shooting

0.2 The Costs

There is a session fee of 150€ that covers my time to prepare and make your shooting. When you will receive your images, you will have a chance to purchase one of my packages that start at 200€.

0.3 I believe in print products

Your love deserve a beautiful place in your living space, therefore I include print Credit in every of my packages. You can easily use it in my online store.

0.4 Prep Guide

After you book a family shooting I will send  you detailed guide that I’ve put together that goes through all my best recommendations for how to prepare for the session. This Guide will help you to answer the biggest question: what to wear?!

Family Shooting

Family shooting photos

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Family Shooting | Oleg Tru photographer
Family Shooting | Oleg Tru photographer
Family Shooting | Oleg Tru photographer
Family Shooting | Oleg Tru photographer
Family Shooting | Oleg Tru photographer
Couple shooting Pforzheim | Oleg Tru
Family Shooting | Oleg Tru photographer
Family Shooting | Oleg Tru photographer

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    Take a look at some other stories:

    Faroe Islands Adventurous Elopement – Part 3

    The previous parts (Part 1 & Part 2) of our Faroe Islands Adventurous Elopement were about intimacy and a extravagant white wedding dress. This time let’s bring some color to our story! Most importantly, I would like to give credit to Lera & Jura for bringing 3 different outfits to such a remote place and carrying them all the time around. In addition, I must say they are not models and have never done a shooting like this before. However, they did an amazing job and tried everything I asked them to. Guys, you are are awesome! Certainly, I am looking forward to our next adventure together.

    Faroe Islands Couple Shoot – Part 4

    Love is the great adventure. It is not perfect, but it is real, exciting and fun. At least this is how I see it. Being able to share a journey with some else is a wonderful gift. In addition, my passion as a wedding photographer allows me to witness many beautiful journeys like this and tell a story of their love.

    This last part of our Faroe Islands couple shoot with Lera & Jura takes us again through beautiful places around Faroe Islands, such as Tórshavn, Klaksvík and Drangarnir. That is to say, this is what was happening in between of our white and red dresses, so to speak.

    Pforzheim Engagement Shoot

    One of the things that make my feel complete and happy is nature. In other words, I cannot imagine myself living in a huge “concrete jungle” any more. Right now, I live at the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) in Germany and I am very blessed to have this opportunity. That is to say, it is no wonder I chose this beautiful forest as a location for our Pforzheim engagement shoot with Sabrina and Jan.