Corsica (France) Wedding Shooting

Bella & Ben

Corsica (France) Wedding Shooting

Bella & Ben

Have you ever been to Corsica? I think you should, simply Google it – it has such a fantastic mounty landscape, white sand beaches and old beautiful cities. Meanwhile, take a look at some of the images from my Corsica (France) wedding shooting, that I took during the wedding photography workshop which we organized together with Aida & Tim.

Right after we landed at Bastia, rented a car and went to Calvi, I fell in love with this incredible island. Above all, I like mountains, forest and sea – Corsica has it all! In my opinion, it is a great location for a wedding or an adventurous elopement.  



South France

Corsica France Wedding Shooting

Bella & Ben got married just a while ago and it was a very lovely open-air wedding. For instance, they did a ceremony in a park, had a grill as a main course and a band for the party. In short, the atmosphere that Bella and Ben created was amazing! And when the time came to look for a couple for the Corsica wedding shooting workshop in France, they were the first on our list. Therefore, we asked them to join our little adventure and were so happy to hear that they would love to join!

Firstly, our shoot took place on a beach near L’Île-Rousse. During it, the wind was very strong and blew the sand from the beach all over the place. However, nothing could stop us! As a result, I captured some very beautiful moments and loved this time all the way through. So cool that Bella and Ben had so much fun with each other! I could not wish any better couple to photograph.

After that, we went to Phare de la Pietra and the weather made an epic gift – incredibly cloudy storm was coming towards us. What do you think we did? Yes, exactly – we were shooting right up until the heavy rain started, and it was absolutely worth it!

Make sure to check out the Second Part of the Corsica photo shoot

Corsica France Wedding Shooting Corsica France Wedding Shooting - Oleg Tru Wedding photographer Corsica France Wedding Shooting Corsica South French Wedding Shooting Corsica France Wedding Shooting Corsica France Wedding Shooting Adventurous elopement Corsica France - Oleg Tru

Make sure to check out the Second Part of the Corsica photo shoot

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